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Outside Coffee Shop

This side of the Hotel is now being restored.

The stairs from the front verandah down to the side patio were just rebuilt and retiled.

Along this side of the hotel there will be an outdoor Coffee Shop. They have started to work on tiling this area. The work includes laying concrete, fixing steps and painting the wall.

The old wall has been restored and painted.

New tile has been laid.

The concrete pad is built first to stabilize the tiles. Notice the entrance to the hotel. That is the indoor part of the Coffee Shop.

Here we are in mid September and the tile work is almost completed on this side of the hotel.

Work on restoring the hotel has been delayed because it is such an expensive project. It will be exceedingly beautiful upon completion. We do not have an end date at this time.

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Grande Hotel Prata

Grande Hotel Prata

The Grande Hotel Prata is being recreated in Águas da Prata. The hotel is 96 years old and the renovations are almost completed.

This the lovely outdoor swimming pool at the Grande Hotel Prata.

These are the left, centre and right views of the exterior.

Every effort has been made to restore much of the old grandeur and retain, as much as possible, the old tiles and murals and the basic structure of the hotel.

This room will be a conference room.

The floor tiles are the original tiles from 96 years ago.

These classic murals in the conference room will be restored to their original brilliance.

Outside there is a courtyard leading from the front of the hotel to the 400 seat dining room at the rear, over the conference room.

There is an elevated walkway from the lobby to the dining room and also down into the courtyard.

Photos by Urso Branco

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Carlos Miranda - Vigilante Rodoviário

The Spokesman for the hotel is the Famous Brasilian movie star, Carlos Miranda, the Vigilante Rodoviário.

His famous automobile, the Simca Chambord, and his Motorcycle will be on permanent display either side of the front entrance. There will also be a museum displaying memorabilia of his careers as an actor and as a policeman.

This is a promotional card he hands out featuring him and the Simca Chambord with his dog Lobo on the front.

On the reverse is a photo of him taken years ago on his motorcycle with his Police Dog Lobo.

This is the same Simca Chambord at a Rally in Águas da Prata in November, 2006. Carlos appears at many public functions with the car.

This is a large poster that will be on display in the museum.

There will be souvenirs available for tourists. There will be books, films, posters and this key ring .

Photos by Urso Branco

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